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In the images below, you are going to see a demonstration of different final results when testing four different scanning services with the very same slides: Legacy Box, Walgreen's, Costco &
Affordable Scanning Services LLC.

If you are interested in seeing MANY more slide scanning comparisons like the above, Click Here.

Take a look. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED but happy you found Affordable Scanning Services LLC. Five pages of comparisons. These links are mostly for Legacy Box.

We spent the money and sent the same slides to different scanning services because, in order to do a fair test, the same slides have to be used at each service. You be the judge as to which scanning service did the better job.

Many more picture comparisons below. Don't stop now.

What is the deal with Kodak Digitizing Box, Legacy Box and Southtree??

Compare our prices with Legacy Box. Which scanning company has not just the best scanning but the best prices as well.

Our Legacy Box Ordering Experience Documented

What will be your takeaway from viewing these same scans processed by different scanning companies: Legacy Box, Costco, Walgreen's and Affordable Scanning Services LLC?

We think you will see that anyone can spend thousands of dollars on a really good scanner although we don't know if any of our competitors has done that and you cannot tell it from what their final images look like. What you can see, though, is that the expert Photoshop Editors at Affordable Scanning Services LLC make a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE in your final scans. Just be glad that you still have the time to make the right decision on where to send your slides. Apparently many millions of other people seem to have made a very BIG mistake in who processed their slides.

These scans, below, are from a "127" Super Slide. Costco and Legacy Box don't even scan these slides. We sent it in with our sample order and Costco sent it back with a note saying that they can't scan them. Legacy Box did not even explain why they did not scan the "127"s". Legacy Box simply put them in a separate plastic bag with a note that they would give us a "Credit" if we sent another order. But, we had to place another minimum order to get the credit. Legacy Box should have just given a refund. Legacy Box also should tell you on their order form that they do not have the ability to scan "127" super slides.

This slide had a lot of problems with dye fading as many of the older slides do. Our original scan looked similar in color to the Walgreen's scan but, that was before we did the Photoshop color corrections that they did not do.

Note the color corrections by Affordable Scanning's Photoshop artists. You get this expert color work on each of your scans. Many discolored images can be brought back to life again by our experts. No extra charge! Magic but not Miracles.

Original Image .
Modified Image .

The Walgreen's scan was cropped down when they scanned it and you do not get the whole slide. They didn't even crop it cleanly. The slide was faded and looked like this, to start with, in our scan as well. This was certainly a problem slide. They just did nothing to try to restore the colors. We try to restore colors on every scan and lots of slides need our help. The Walgreen's scan is cropped down because they can only scan a 35mm slide, which is a rectangle. "127" slides are squares with a holder that is 2" x 2" but the actual film area reaches to each of the edges and leaves only about 1/4" or holder. You lose a lot when you crop a square into a rectangle. At least Costco was honest enough to admit that they couldn't do the scan properly.

More Scanning Comparisons Below

The examples, below, are scans of slides that have some fading problems. Sooner or later, all slide dyes are going to fade.
There are two types of dye fading:
1.Fading to DARK, where the films will just turn really dark until you can't make out anything.
2. Fading to LIGHT, where the dyes fade away completely and you are left with nothing but a transparent film.

Affordable, Walgreens, Costco 4 image combo

desert combo

Legacy Box final scan desert mountain

Fence Combo

Legacy box final

Should You Take Your 35mm Slides To Costco, Walgreen's or Affordable Scanning?

We go to Costco at least once a week. It is a great place for buying bulk food, TVs and other Electronics. Toilet paper is their biggest seller and their Hot Dogs and rotisserie chicken are just delicious and a great deal. Their return policy is better than any other place where we do business and they have an automatic extended warranty on TVs. Costco just is not a good place to take your slides to have them scanned, if you care in the least about what your final images are going to look like. Costco had a special on digitizing slides, photos and movies and VHS tapes, last month. We thought it would be interesting to take the same slides that we tested Walgreen's with, and have them scan these same slides. Took about four weeks for them to turn around a minimal order because they ship them off somewhere and then they have to be shipped back again to the local store. After seeing what they did with our test scans, I can't help thinking that there are an awful lot of VERY disappointed Costco customers out there this week. We thought that Walgreen's did a horrible job of scanning slides but Costco is SO much worse. I think that a lot of people looking for slide scanning just don't realize that they can get a much better job done, if they pick the right company to do the work.


So, what can you learn from these scans from Affordable Scanning, Legacy Box, Costco and Walgreen's?


We hope you can see that anybody can spend a lot of money on a good scanner, although there is no evidence that Legacy Box, Costco or Walgreen's used an expensive scanner for these slides, but, the real difference is in what happens after the scanning is done and how talented your Photoshop Technicians are. We think that we have the best that you can find. You are one of the lucky ones to see the difference before you decide who will scan your slides.

Don't just take our word for our tests at Costco and Walgreen's, although we have the proof, their original disks with these very same images on them, to back up what we are saying and showing on this page. Its always possible that Costco or Walgreen's may start to do as good a job at scanning slides as we do. But, you really should test them and us to make sure you will get the best results for your scanning investment. We offer to do a Free demo scan of TEN of your slides. We usually turn this around within a day or two after receipt. Send us ten of your slides and get your images back and THEN send the SAME ten slides to Legacy Box, Costco or Walgreen's or any other service and get their free sample scans. Then compare the results. We look forward to the results because we know that you are going to be so much happier with what we can do for your slide collection than you will get from any other scanning company. You don't have to settle for poor, uncaring "workmanship".

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