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Please note that Affordable Scanning will take whatever steps it deems necessary to make your images look as good as possible, given the circumstances. This may include changing a grossly colored image from a slide that had dyes faded away, to black and white or to sepia tone at our discretion. Because, during the scanning process, shadows or dark areas tend to fill in, we also have our Photoshop experts open these shadows up again so more details can be seen. Sometimes contrast and depth of color has to be sacrificed in the process. It is a balancing act to try to get the transfer from one medium to another as good as possible. Please know that we work your images just as though they were our own. If you have any doubts about our process, please send us ten of your slides so that we can do a free sample scan of your slides. By submitting our order form the customer agrees that the liability of Affordable Scanning, it's agents and employees, for any losses or damages of any kind or nature to the customer's Slides, pictures or other material, is limited to the cost of replacing such slides or pictures or other material if they are replaceable. Customer also agrees that Affordable Scanning, it's agents and employees, shall not be otherwise liable to the customer for any loss or damage of any kind or nature, whether direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise. Customer declares that all materials submitted to Affordable Scanning for transfer or other reproductions are not in violation of any copyright laws. Customer will indemnify and hold Affordable Scanning Services LLC harmless with respect to any claim of violation of such laws. The materials submitted were either created by the customer or the customer has permission of the copyright owner to duplicate them.The customer will indemnify and hold harmless Affordable Scanning Services LLC and its authorized dealers and agents in any copyright legal action. Customer assumes all responsibility for any copyright infringements. Customer agrees, since it is impossible to 100% please all the people all the time, to accept Affordable Scanning's Scanning and Photoshop Expert's decisions on all image work. We work your images like we were working our own. At our low prices, you are getting much more than any other company in our price range is going to give you.

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