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Expert Slide and Photo Scanning Since 2002.
4,000 ppi Scanning and Premium Photoshop
Editing On Every Scan. Still 39¢ most slides.
We also can make PRINTS from your Slides.

We Are a 100% USA Company
With ALL Work Done in the U.S.A.

Our two offices are both in Wisconsin and we have been in the scanning slides and photos and other mediums business since 2002. When we receive your scanning project, it never leaves our possession until we send it back to you.

NOTE: We know there are more than a few compainies that are shipping customer's slides and photos overseas for processing to save on labor costs. Our biggest competitor ships your family photos to India to take advantage of low wages there. (What pennies per day they must they be paying those poor people or children if they can cut our prices in half and still ship your slides and photos 8000 miles both ways?) But they purposefully hide that little fact from you. (They don't want you to KNOW what they are doing because most people would not knowingly agree to sending their photo collection thousands of miles away to a third world country no matter how much money they save. If the price is unbelievably low, your job is probably going to India. )

Read the fine print from their "Terms and Conditions" that you have to agree to when you sign up for an "account" very carefully. If they say they are a global service company or if they offer services in multiple countries or if they have processing centers inside and outside the United States and if they reserve the right to use any one of their processing centers, then you can bet that there is a really good chance that your precious slides and photos are being shipped OUT of the USA for processing because there is no way they could do it in the USA even if they only paid their employees minimum wage. Besides that, they reserve the right to change all their terms and conditions whenever they want and you, as an account holder, agree to accept all the new terms.

Also remember that when you send your photos or slides to these "Overseas" companies, 8,600 miles away from California, that you are losing any rights to your property when they ship your slides or photos once again by a third party shipping company from their USA location, to outside of the USA. If they go out of business, the slides and photos are no longer considered your property by the shipping company. They will be left in India or Costa Rica or who knows where and might be lost to your family forever. The shipping company that they use has no idea that you are the original owner of the photos and you have relinquished any claim to ownership and can't even file a claim. Is it really worth the chance? Shipping to a company in the USA and having control over the carrier should mean a lot when you are dealing with valuable family heirlooms.

If you have to sign up for an "Account", be very careful to read those terms and conditions. An "Account" is a real tip-off that there may be some terms and conditions in the "fine print" that you are not going to like if you take the time to read them.

Please be assured that your slides and photos and other materials will never leave our Affordable Scanning's premises until we return them to you. All our employees are 100% USA citizens and not low wage people working in who knows what kind of conditions.

Be wary of companies that offer unbelievably low pricing. It is just not possible to offer the services that Affordable Scanning does at a lower rate and still remain in business unless you are using very low wage laborers. We can't believe that some of our newer competitors can stay in business very long if they try to cut prices to draw away business from more established companies like Affordable Scanning. Think about where your photos and slides will be when these "newbies" go out of business.

Our standard price includes: individualized, non-automated color restoration to faded slides and photos, where possible, by a PhotoShop® expert and corrections for color balance, exposure, saturation, orientation, and precision cropping. Prices also cover all disks needed to compile the included DVD playable slide show, PC slide show and to store the images. There are NO HIDDEN charges! Take this into consideration when comparing prices. We know you are looking for the best value for your money and you can't beat our expert service & price combination. All work is performed in the USA by US citizens. Your precious memories will be safe with us. We are small enough to care about you as a person and give you individual attention, yet large enough to give you many years of expert technical experience and the professional services that you need to convert your entire slide and photo collection to digital.



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