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Carnival Photo Telescope Keychain Viewers

These devices were found at carnivals and other places. Pictures were taken and then placed inside the small viewer. You could see the picture by holding the viewer up to a light and looking through the viewer.

We have to take these apart in order to scan the film. There is no guarantee that we can get it back together again, but usually we can.

Scanning is $20 for the first viewer. Priority mail shiping is $6.
Total of $26

Additional viewers scanned at $10 each

We can also make prints of these scans. There is a minimum order for prints of $10 each. Please see the order form for up to date costs for the carnival viewer scanning and for the prints.

Fill out the order form, online, print it out and send it with your order.

(Please note that the quality of these very small films may not be the greatest and the larger you blow them up, the quality will go down.)

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