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Easy 35mm Slide Orientation

  1. You have to  determine which side  "faces towards the screen" when projected.
    Click here to watch a movie to help you orient correctly.
  2. Make your stack of slides so that they all have the side that "faces towards the screen" up.
  3. The TOP slide in the stack will be the first slide in each "show" or chapter.

Slide Orientation and Organization Movie

Bell and Howell Slide Cube Organizing Movie

Waxed Paper Box Organizing Movie

Carousel Preparation Movie

Most times, the side of the slide with the Manufacturer's ID or Logo on it, faces towards the screen. Get all your slides going this way and you will have a 99% chance of being right. This will get your slides all facing "toward the screen." Some slides will even say "this side towards screen." The top slide is going to be the first slide in each show and it will have the "side towards the screen" facing up. The bottom slide in your stack will be the last in each show.

slide order 1
slide order 2


Plastic slides sometimes have "this side towards screen" stamped on the front of the slide. It is hard to see unless you hold the slide at an angle:

Slide Rotation

  1. Regardless of whether you have "Portrait" or "Landscape" slides, you HAVE to turn the slides so that they are all stacked in "landscape" position for scanning. If you don't do this, your image will get cropped off, top and bottom.
  2. We will rotate the image so that it will display correctly but you have to get the slides in the correct position for us to scan.
  3. If you do not rotate the slides correctly so that we can just grab a handful and scan them, you will have the option of leaving them as is and having the scanner "crop" them, or you will have to pay our operator to do it for you. Figure an additional $.10 per slide, based on ALL your slides. We can't just charge you for the bad slides because we have to look through them all. 



This is the wrong way to Rotate the slides.
Notice slide #3. It is turned differently from the others.
slide prep 3 wrong

Note the slide not rotated, above.


This, below, is the correct way to orient the slides. All rotated the same.

slide prep 3 right

All slides should be oriented so that the rectangular film areas are
going in the same direction throughout the stacks.

Landscape slide

This is a Landscape shot.


portrait slide

This is a Portrait shot. It has nothing to do with a person in the photo, it refers to turning the camera sideways to ge the shot.


scanniing area



cropped slide

This is the kind of scan you are going to get if you do NOT
rotate the portrait slide so that it is oriented the same as the landscape slide.



Get all your landscape slides rotated correctly and they will be scanned correctly.



Get all your portrait slides rotated correctly and they will be scanned correctly.

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