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Getting Your Paper Photos In Order For Scanning


If your paper photos are in albums, you need to take the photos off the pages and put them into stacks. If they were glued in, you NEED to dust off all the glue specks, front and back.

Please Clean Your Paper Photos!!

We can't emphasize this enough: Go over your paper photos, front and back, with a very soft cloth before stacking them. We do NOT clean your paper photos before scanning. We see lots of photo scans that would look much better if the person had cleaned them off. Even light dust on the paper photo will reflect the scanner light back at the scan and result in "white spots" on the scan.

Sometimes, dust may come from glue that is used to fasten the photo to an album page. In these cases, you should brush the dried glue off the back of the photo as well. At our low prices, we cannot be responsible for dust on your scans.

Stacking your Paper Photos:

Stacks of paper photos, just like stacks of slides, should be NUMBERED and not named with text.

Be reasonable with your stacks of paper photos. we have to stop scanning and do file management for each stack. This slows us down and we can't make any money at scanning while doing file management. Many stacks of less than 50 photos are not going to be welcome and, if excessive, may be subject to a surcharge.
You can do your own file management once you get your images.

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