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126 Film Format Scanning

ten free demo scansThe film originally designated as 126 film was a roll film introduced by Kodak in 1906. It produced images 4.25" x 6.5". It was discontinued in 1949. In 1963 Kodak introduced a new type of film cased in a plastic cartridge, with the 126 name. The width of the film is the same as 35mm but it has only one registration hole per image. The cartridge is made up of two spools encased in plastic. The film was available in 12 or 24 image lengths. Today it is only available in 24 picture rolls. When all the pictures are taken, there is no need to rewind the film.

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This is the 126 "Instamatic" Slide.
126 instamatic slide


Affordable vs. Walgreens: Digital Shootout
Which company should you trust to digitize your 126 slides?

These scans are from a 126 size slide. 126 slides are almost square. Notice how Walgreens cropped the top and bottom off the scan and then left the black bars on the sides. We scan the whole 126 slide and we precision crop each image so there are no black bars or dirty edges.

Why would you ever go to Walgreen's for your scanning?

Affordable Scan
Walgreens Scan
walgreens 120
walgreens 120 slide scanning

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