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Editing On Every Scan. Still 39¢ most slides.
We also can make PRINTS from your Slides.


Pick An Order Form On this page.

  1. Fill It In, On-Line. If you don't know how many slides or photos you have, just estimate and do NOT pay in full.
  2. We only bill for what we scan and the images are easily counted. For RUSH orders, you should count exactly before shipping because it costs us to do refunds and so we don't want you to over pay.
  3. Make sure you fill in the Contact information at the top of the form page or you cannot go to the next step.
  4. Make sure you put down an email address that you check because this is how we will communicate with you.
  5. Finish the first page and click the green button at the bottom. (If you did not complete your contact info, you cannot proceed.)
    Click for summary
  6. On the next page, after reviewing it, Click the "Lock My Prices" button. You get a copy sent to your email and we will also get a copy.
    Lock my prices for 30 days
  7. Send your printed copy to us along with your order. You are in no way committed to the order until you send it to us.

Even drop-off orders need an order form submitted online.
Order Forms For USA ONLY
NO Orders Accepted from Outside the USA and Territories.

#10. Black and White Negatives
Order Form
120 black and white negative scanning order form

Sorry but NO Color negatives and NO negatives with sprocket holes.

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