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I have been a filmmaker for over 40 years. Working with National Geographic and Hollywood studios... Live in a remote section of Alaska and commenced a book project for distribution worldwide. In research, we discovered some priceless slides of wildlife that could be never be found anywhere else. I contacted Affordable Scanning and the manager was incredibly helpful and accommodating. Treated me like a neighbor. Not only did they assist with the complicated shipping procedure from Bush Alaska, but they scanned, corrected and transferred the slides WAY ahead of when I expected the job to be done ! I reviewed the work online with the link provided. Wow. The shots are fantastic. Color, sharpness , etc. Will call on them again without question and pass along Affordable Scanning to my associates.


Kroschel Films
Haines, AK

Submitted: 0505/2019

I am SO pleased with the scans! And the speedy turnaround time! Thank you so much for helping our family preserve these special memories. My sisters and I are very grateful.

Confirming that it is ok to destroy slides. I look forward to receiving one free slide show and 3 duplicate flash drives.

Thanks again for the excellent work!


Highland Park, IL


You recently did a great job for me in transferring old VHS cassettes to DVD.  I had one question:  I have a friend that has some old 8mm and 16mm home movie film that he would like to have transferred to DVDs.  I didn’t see that capability on your website, but I thought I’d ask to see if you can do that.

 If not, do you have anyone you can recommend that can do that type of transfer?

 Thanks, Brian
Loganville, GA

The scans look amazing, especially for their age! I'm looking forward to seeing the prints in my hands.

Thank you so much.


West Roxbury, MA

Received my slides back today and the DVD I ordered and I couldn't be happier! With just a couple of exceptions, where the slide was obviously damaged or dirty, the quality of the files is just lovely and considering these are 65 year old slides it's just amazing. My dad will be in hog heaven to see these as will other family members. Thanks for your service!
Walla Walla, WA

Hi, you can ignore my earlier message.  I just got your package in the mail today.  Great work and great turnaround!

Baltimore, MD

In going through some old photo boxes belonging to my grandmother-in-law, I found 6 glass pieces that look like photo negatives.   The glass is thin, and approximately 4 x 5 inches.  I can see images in the glass, but I cant really recognize individuals, etc.  Have you worked with glass negatives such as these and can you create prints for me?

I am a returning customer.  You converted slides into digital images for me, and our family has enjoyed these immensely.  Thank you.  - Gina

The pictures are great to have and we are taking the DVD to a family reunion next month. The quality was better than I expected given the shape the slides were in. Thanks so much. You packaged them so well. We appreciate it your care and attention to detail.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I got the slides today and cds. I'm so glad I found your company to get this done. I'm hoping to gather more picture slides to get those done too. I just don't know when it will be done.
Port Washington, New York


Fantastic. Pic's taken in 1973 at my 1st New York City fire house. Will be sending many more. GREAT JOB !!!
Brooklyn, New York 

Sent out check for $7.50 to cover mailing. Received the work today. Thank you.
I am taking a break for the summer of scanning slides. It's tedious but fun. Just looking at all those pictures of my husband and myself brings back a lot of memories. Thank you for the good work, and have a great summer.
New Hyde Park, New York

All the DVD slideshow copies are in the mail to folks in my family who expressed a desire to have them. My husband is now content that he can look at the pictures in the proper aspect ratio.

I created a print on paper booklet that shipped in a great jewel case sized box with the 3-DVD set. It is a great package.

If you would like to see the booklet, I will be glad to send you a copy. Let me know, and to what address I should send it. If you are not interested, just say so. My feelings will not be hurt, in the least. And I will just save the booklet, because I suspect there will be requests for more copies when these get around.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. We will be back with more next year (when I have recouped from this project!).

Sarasota, Florida

Thank you for the beautiful work you've done on our family pictures. There are only two slides I would like removed. One is Chapter 4 photo 14, a man,woman and children in front of a stone house. And Chapter 6 Photo 5 a man and children in front of a picture window.
We would like a data disk with just the photos and a DVD with music, both with the photos loaded in order by the chapters and pictures.
We look forward to sending you slides again soon.
Lansing Michigan

We are back in Florida after spending the Holidays in Minnesota. We had a great time "gifting" the slide re-productions to friends and family. Two of Geri's family members want a copy of the slide show DVD titled " FAMILY PHOTO'S". They also may have an interest in having some of their own photo's reproduced in the format you did for us. Let me know if you would like to send the copies to them directly and have us send along a check or cash for the cost. If you did this, you could probably send along some of your marketing material also. Let me know what would work best for you, and we will get the ball rolling. Thanks again for the great work you did on our photo's. Geri is already planning her next project.
Ponce Inlet, FL


Some time ago I received the finished product of the scanning work Old Photo did for me. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results. The images are crisp and exceeded my expectations (they were pretty old slides I had put on disk). I will be sending more. Thanks for doing such a great job.
West Wildwood, New Jersey

What a wonderful surprise this morning when I checked my email after a very difficult week. I'm on my way to spend the day with my parents and will pass on the good news (BTW: I just made final payment).

Special thanks to you and your staff for your hard work and thoughtful kindness.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Just wanted to let you know I got the photos and all looks great. thanks
Little Deer Isle, Maine

Looks great. Thanks, and the money order will be mailed tomorrow.
Can't wait to get them - pics taken in 1970-71 in Calif. & Korea which
can now be saved and shared with colleagues.
Good job!
New Market, Maryland

I wanted to let you know that the disc arrived as promised at the address requested. In fact it arrived 10 minute after we arrived at that address!!
I am more than pleased with the way that you handled the slides and the excellence of the reproduction of the slides.
Thank you very much.
Thank you--
Spokane Valley, Washington

Had the family over for Christmas and everyone really enjoyed looking at the family albums slide shows .I cross referenced the CD's with my tray index so the folks could pick out what they wanted to see. It was very enjoyable and fun.My kids want to know if I could put the 50 digital pictures I took on a CD for them in that format.
Feel free to just take the first part of this email and add it to your testimonials if you like.
Elmwood Park, Illinois

Thanks for your help in this, I appreciate it... Will recommend your service as well as your product!
Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Your Company is amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work and the wonderful end result. The disks were received already and I so appreciate the rush. If there is an additional cost, please let me know. The family is looking forward to seeing Dad's beautiful pictures again. I also have some old 8 mm and will be in touch after the Holidays to see how these can be done - and will read complete instructions this time. Again, Thank you for all your hard work!

Antioch, California

These look fantastic! I will probably have my sister stop by on Friday with the payment (tomorrow) to pick up the disk and the slides. It was a real pleasure for my wife and I to meet you, and thank you again - this is going to make Christmas very special.

Sincerely, Quinn
Port Washington, Wisconsin

Everything looks great. I have made the final payment online. Your service has been excellent and I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks and have a blessed holiday season.

Columbia, South Carolina

Wow, those pics look great! Thanks so much. Thank you for the spelling questions. #27 is Mt. Vernon Fire. #41 is Shattuck. Please proceed with the discs. I have been looking at some of these slides. I am laughing so hard it hurts.
Nashville, Tennessee

The scans look great. A quick question - we have an old linotype (?). A metal negative (?).
Is there some way to get that scanned?

Golden, Colorado


I just finished a close run through of all 552 slides and can only say again that the quality is well above what I had expected. I had tried in the past to have portions of the slides put on tape and can only say it was not worth the effort. Putting them digital brought out clarity I did not know could be done.

I do thank you for the effort on these slides and I am recommending other family members who also have reams of slides to put them into digital.

Valencia, California

I received the slides today. The corrections you made corrected the problem. The slide show is perfect. Thank you for doing such a professional job.

Merkel, Texas

I have put a check in the mail for the balance still owed by me and you can return the slides to me after you receive my check. I have decided against having duplicate CD copies made.
I would like to thank you for your help in getting everything straightened out to my satisfaction. Your helpfulness certainly shows why you have such a thriving business and if the occasion should ever arise I would certainly recommend your services to any person needing this type of photo service.

Sterling, Illinois

I received the disk today containing my Family Photos. The disk is excellent. I would like to have the originals returned. I don't know if I stated that before.

Payment will be in the mail tomorrow.

Thank You,
Brandon, Florida

I just got my CDs of the slides from Spain that I sent you in August. They look great! Thank you so much for the wonderful work; they will be so easy to put into Power Point now. As soon as I can get my Mexico slides together, I will be contacting you again as well as telling all my friends about you. Thanks again.

Bloomington, Indiana

Thanks for your services, everything looks great. Enclosed you will find a check for payment in full. Please send the slides back to me a the address below.
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Sorry for the delay with response. Yes, we are approving the disk so please send us the rest. I'll mail the check tonight.

This was a challenging project since the slides are pretty old and not of the best quality; you've done a better job at scanning our 35mm slides than Wolf Ritz camera!

Palo Alto, California

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you performed putting my family slides onto a CD disk. The quality is excellent. I will recommend you to anyone looking to preserve old photos.

Thank You,
Brandon, Florida

I do NOT want my slides returned to me. Your copies are much better to keep than the original slides.

El Prado, New Mexico

Our scanning project turned out great. Thank you so much! Enclosed is a check for payment in full. Please return slides and extra disks at your convenience.

Thanks again for a job well done!
Sincerely, Alan
Marietta, Georgia

Now I can see why you seemed so confident in your service! I got the disks yesterday and I am in total disbelief at the converted images! Absolutely incredible, amazing... and better than I ever would have expected! I will definitely be sending a separate testimonial for your website from yet another satisfied customer. I'll be sending the check for the balance today.
At the risk of wearing out your patience, I wonder if I can order 6 more copies to either be included in the remaining shipment or separately. (I can feel you gritting your teeth as you read this...sorry! It's just that the folks here are going crazy over these.). Also, my in-laws who were leery of having their own slides converted are now true believers and will be sending you theirs at a future date.
 Thanks again. I can't wait to show these to my mom! Your service has and will make a lot of people happy. Great job.

Jefferson, Georgia

Got the 4 CDs yesterday.
Looked at one and was VERY VERY happy and excited with the result.
The quality is far beyond my expectations.
We watched it on our 48" HDTV and we were just amazed at the sharpness, the brilliant colors, and the contrast of all the pictures. I really think the pictures looked better on the TV than
they do when using a 35mm projector on to a screen.

I feel it's a combination of your superb scanning process, your restoration, and the video processing in both the HDTV and the DVD/CD player.
Thanks for the superior scans.
We are sending the balance due today.
Thanks again !!!! :-)

Norman, Oklahoma

We received the disks and they are great. It is really a pleasure to see all the old slides without getting out the projector and screen. Thanks for the great job!

We put the check in the mail today for the balance due.


Cypress, Texas

My disks have arrived and I think you did an excellent job. I knew the slides were not in good condition but each of my children had expressed a desire to have a copy of the slides so this will accomplish that. I'm mailing a check today for the balance due. I hope this will give you time to get the remaining disks and slides to me before I leave in two weeks.

Thanks for your help with all this.

Albany, Georgia

Thanks very much for your quick service. I used your product for a family history presentation at a family reunion last week, and it was a big hit!

Phoenix, Arizona

Received the slide show disks today and they were exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for the care you put into this project. Your communication was great and instructions easy to follow. Unfortunately, it is not easy to be completely trustful today of businesses on the internet. However, you have delivered everything you said you would do. I am sending you payment check tomorrow.

Hiram, Georgia

Dear Affordable 35mm Slide Scanning Co.,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful job. We appreciate the two discs and agree with you entirely about the music. However, we were so taken by the pictures that we didn't even notice it too much. My parents will be so very moved and happy about this present. I hope to do more business with you in the future so that I can archive my photos for the future.

Once again, my sister, brother & I thank you so much for a wonderful job.

Garden City, New York

Today I received the cd rom with the photos.

They look great and I approve them. I am sending you a personal check for the balance of my payment by mail tomorrow.

Thanks again. I look forward to receiving my slides back.

Palatine, Illinois

Thanks so much for the very professional job you recently did digitizing our old photo-slides into digital format.

The quality was outstanding, considering the condition of some of our 30+ year old slides.

The timeliness was on schedule to the day, even though you gave me the scheduled conversion date approximately two months in advance.

Finally, the price was fair, reasonable, and very competitive.

I would certainly recommend Old-Photo to anyone needing to digitize or restore old photos of any type.

Again, THANKS! Old-Photo
Tallahassee, Florida

Thanks so much for your fine job of incorporating my title slides and preserving our memories. In appreciation, Carol

Oak Park, IL

Thank you so much for your help with my recent order. All the disks that you sent worked both on our DVD player and on our computer. Enclosed is my check for the balance due. I will tell any of my friends who might be interested in your scanning services. It's exciting to be able to look at the old slides that I haven't see in years on my computer or TV. Carol

Loudon, TN

I can not tell you how happy I am with the slides you did for us. They look better than the slide's condition by far. Your check went out today and I could not be happier.

Thank you again.

Nicely done. Thank you.

Livermore, California

Thanks. They look great. I appreciate it. Please remember to send return via USPS Priority Mail only. You may need to fill out a customs form. If there are any problems, send me an email or call me.

Many thanks.
Saipan, Marshall Islands

 I received the disks yesterday and watched them with some of my family last night. They were really terrific. Everyone was very impressed. You will probably get some work from this. One thing though, the set of thumbnail sheets I ordered were not anywhere in the boxes. I checked three times. Please let me know if you didn't make them or didn't send them. Thank you,
Port Washington, New York

 I received the thumbnail sheets yesterday, they will be very useful.
p.s. Everyone is buzzing about getting to see the show. I'll let you know how it goes.

How do I order duplicate disks and have you put my scans on a DVD slide show? I received my disk and slides back yesterday and I'm so pleased with the job you did.
Thank you
Plainfield, NH

Thanks for the Dvds.
They are great and you did a great job on choosing the music I requested.
Rachel S.
Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

I just got the two disks and checked them out. The images are absolutely fabulous. The payment will be processed tomorrow. I can't wait to get the box back so that I can send you the next batch. We're very pleased here.

Dean Snow
Department of Anthropology
Penn State University

I would be happy to let you use me as a reference. Let me know if you need some quotes. Maybe what I sent you earlier will serve. I have been recommending you to others with large slide collections and you might hear from them. The problem for many of them is that they don't have a budget for this purpose like I do.

I'll reload my tray and send it back to you as soon as it arrives. We'll also get off the next deposit.

Dean Snow
Department of Anthropology
Penn State University

I have received and viewed the first four disks from my order and, as you said I would be, I am quite satisfied. This is much, much better work than I got from the first scanning service I used.

I counted only three pictures that were backward, and these could well have been my errors.
Please continue with my order, and I certainly will provide you an unqualified recommendation for your testimonial page.

Morganton, North Carolina
The DVD looks great! Thank you. Go ahead and send back my slides- I mailed a check already for the balance.

Groton, Massachusetts
We're very happy with the job you've done with our old slides. Can't thank you enough for helping us preserve our memories. If we're ever in Sun Prairie, we'll have to stop by and say "HI"!Tina & Liz
Fredonia, Wisconsin
Manny thanks for your good work!Meg
Chevy Chase, Maryland
I really appreciate all your help getting my slides converted to disk and the work getting them in chronological order.
Many thanks for a great job!James
Kingsport, Tennessee


I have directed our staff to pay the bill as promptly as possible. The disks look good and I look forward to receiving back the original slides. Thanks for all your good work.
Dean Snow
Penn State University

We are thrilled with our DVD slide show. Our son has a masters degree in photography. When he checked out your website for us, he said, "These are your kind of people." And he was right.

Our collection of almost 400 slides, 25-50+ years old, have been sitting in a drawer for years. They could only be viewed by one person at a time with a handheld stereo viewer (that had to be adjusted for each person's eyes).

Now that they have been scanned and organized into a DVD slide show that can be viewed on our TV set, it's so easy to watch together and relive old memories and remember long lost relatives.

Thank you for your patience in making changes to the order of the slides. It is so true that it is so much easier to organize the slides once they have been scanned and identified with a sequence number.

May God bless, guide and protect you and your loved ones and all involved with your company.

Sincerely, Joan
Denton, Texas

Hi there. I just received my job of scans and am very impressed with
your work on these and want to thank you so much for your help.  I will
keep you posted if we have future needs. 

Madison, Wisconsin

The scans look beautiful! Thank you! I'll send my check out to you today. I just got laid off my job last week "position eliminated" so the next three boxes of slides I'll send will be the week after next when I get my unemployment check (I hope). I've got a lot of slides I'd like scanned and printed and want to do them three lots at a time ... thank you for doing such a great job! They are very old...some of the others have sort of mold on them, not all over, but a bit...will you still be able to scan them do you think?

Thanks and regards,
Darien, Connecticut

Belated thanks for your excellent service!

Carole B.
Vincennes, IN

Just for your informatiion the Bank check is in the mail.  This will be the last of the slides as far as I know. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your work.  It has been outstanding workmanship.  Thank you for the good work.

Yours truly

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Thank you for sending me this preview. The photos are beautiful!!! I will mail a money order today for the balance due. Do you also provide the service of transferring vhs tapes to dvds? If so, how much does it cost? Thank you again.
Bedford, Ohio

Thanks so much for your amazing turn around on my request for the 10 free scans. I was amazed to find them in my mailbox today only 8 days after I send in the slides, especially during the holiday season. I'm very pleased with the results and going through 100s of slides right now to decide which ones are worthy of preservation.
Thanks again, Tony
Fullerton, California

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did putting my old slides and prints onto a DVD. You were able to enhance the color and reproduce them better than the originals. I also sent you two CD's of music that you put with the slide show. The timing of the music was perfect to go along with the slides. You were very prompt in completing my order. And you handled every phone call made to you in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. I could not be more pleased with the results. I hope to do more business with your company in the future. And have already recommended you to family and friends. Thank you again for the exceptional DVD Slide Show which will be enjoyed by many for years to come.
Sharon C.
Rehoboth, Massachusetts

I just paid the balance through PayPal and we just went to the web page to view images - we are thrilled! These slides have not been seen by my mother-in-law for years and it will be so special for her to view them again, in a way that we think will be the easiest for her (putting the images into a digital frame). We cannot thank you enough - you have helped make Christmas morning very special! May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas as well!

Riverview, Florida

We received the package of sliders along with the DVD slide shows.The rave reviews from satisfied customers were not exaggerated, the shows were all that we hoped for and then some! Color is wonderful and some of the slides are better on DVD then they were on screen.

The company is to be applauded for excellent quality; the DVD shows will provide years of
family enjoyment.

Thanks again,
York, Pennsylvania

At the risk of getting maudlin, I will just say I received the DVDs and CD ya’ll converted of my aunt and uncle’s 50-60 year old slides of their time in Germany in the 1940s and of us kids and other relatives in Alabama on their return, and it was an emotional experience. The color and clarity ya’ll were able to bring back to life, the transition from picture to picture, the music - I don’t know what I was expecting, but ya’ll went way beyond it and obviously take a lot of pride in your professional work. I sent the extra DVD copy to my sister in Alabama - she was the little blonde on the red horse.

This was something I intended to do for years. I lucked up on an internet search finding Old Photo, I called and followed the clear instructions on your site on how to arrange the slides before I shipped them (very important step), and the result is incredible. I will gladly recommend ya’ll to anyone. You may use any part of these comments as a reference if you like.

Later in the year (my grandsons are coming for the summer), I’ll review those VHS tapes like you suggested, mark them, and call before I ship them.

Thanks again for a terrific job. I wonder if ya’ll are charging enough for your services.

Celina, Tennessee

Just wanted to let you know we received the photo CDs and slide trays. Many of the older family members were able to view pictures they had not seen in more than 40 years or so.

We really enjoyed viewing the DVD. You did a great job transferring the slides. Not one was mis-oriented and the quality of the images was excellent considering the age and condition of the slides.

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I will be sending another 1500 or so in the near future.

Thanks again.
U.S. Army Contracting Command Korea


Just double checking. Will I be able to use the Data Disk I ordered with my computer? If not please email me.
PS: Love the results!
Chicago, Illinois


Just to let you know I received the first dvd yesterday. I want to compliment you on a very good job! I cant wait to see the rest, and I’m sure our Dad will think this is the best Christmas present he has ever received.

I only checked one dvd last night to see that it functioned correctly – I’ll try the others this evening but I don’t see any problem.

Last, do you transfer 8MM camcorder tapes onto dvd? I have a dvd burner but it only works on my newer digital 8 tapes. I have close to 20 tapes from 2003 and prior that I want to preserve. Just wondering if you do that as well.

Thanks for the good job, and we cant wait to get the rest!

Geneva, Illinois

Got email with finished thumbnails etc.
Everything looks great and in order! If I checked something called DATA disc forget it... I don't even know what that is, ha ha.
Sending payment today- hope that includes getting my slides back otherwise let me know.
Thanks for your great service.
Redlands, California

Good Morning,
The pictures look great. So please move forward with processing. I will get a money order ready to send today. Also, I will not be titling the pictures. I will change the title after I receive the disk.
This is a great job and these photos are going to make many, many people happy.
Spring, Texas


Thank you. They look wonderful. I would like to stop over Monday and pick them up.
Middleton, Wisconsin


Thanks for being so prompt. It’s good that you could put me into a slot to get the photos scanned so quickly. I am thrilled, because I have many more pictures I want to do the same thing with.

I think that the order looks just fine. I noticed that your letter mentioned the sending of prints, and I wonder if it is possible to get prints from my scanned photos? I would like to make a scrap book for each of my children, in addition to having one of my own, and I had only one each of the photos I sent you. I would certainly like more if that can be done. If prints are possible, how much are they (each or by a batch number)? And what would that do to the cost of the order? Please let me know before we complete the order.

Thank you,
St. Joseph, Mosouri

I received the disk of slide-converted images, and want to let you know that I am very pleased with the results. I will, without hesitation or reservation, recommend your services to all who inquire. I have contacted a number of friends and relatives who have similar boxes of slides to let them know how they can make them useful.

Jacksonville, Florida


This is SUPER!!! We love them. As they say, check is in the mail or
on the way to your Sun Prairie address. As it turned out, we have
more old slides stashed away in Maryland. Once we get them, we will
send them your way...if you're still interested in helping us.

thanks very much!
Cynthia & Eric
Pompano Beach, Florida

I have passed your web-site on to several other friends and family who have talked about doing something with old slides and pictures and told them how good you guys are to work with.

Have a great Christmas,
Creston, Iowa


I'll be into work monday and will give you a call and pick up my
project.Thanks for getting it done so timely,

The disks have arrived. I am delighted. Thank you very much.
I have a couple questions. Is the VCD2 format compatible with slide show playback on a MAC? If not, can the disks, nonetheless, be put into a MAC drive to retrive the .jpg's? If not, no sweat, I'm a happy camper, a couple of family members have MAC's, but they will be able to play the slide show on their DVD players.
Thanks for your terrific service and fine work.
Holmen, Wisconsin

I so appreciate all the work you have gone to and it has been wonderful - a real treasure to me.. Thanks so much and again sorry for the trouble.
Holladay, Utah

You have made me so happy! These are beautiful. My parents are both gone and I have wanted to do this for years. I decided on what would have been their 50th anniversary to send them to you. Thank you for allowing my sisters and I to each have a memory of our parent's wedding day.
Can you advise me of the balance?

Monaca, Pennsylvania

In May I had 540 slides put on DVD by you folks & was very happy with the results & service.
I am now ready to send in 512 slides & would like to get a target date & will pay the $50 deposit. Please let me know what time frame I'll be looking at.
Sincerely, Jocelyn
Anacortes, Washington

Just testing the email address - sending you some slides to scan soon!
I think there are about 157 if I counted right. They are in a few different types of plastic or paper mounts (I used to work for a slideshow production company) so I have written “top” on the top right-reading side of all the slides. Just looking for slide scanning – don’t really need a slide show.

By the way, I put together a slideshow for my sister’s 40th birthday (15 years ago!) and she sent the slides in to have you scan them – they turned out great! She had an extra disk made for me. This is really the way to go!


Because I was so very pleased with your work, my girls gave me another gift certificate for your services. Once I get my CD for the first order, I will be placing another.

Thanks for your great service.
Please give me an update.
Plantsville, Connecticut

I received the disk with my scanned pictures. They look beautiful. Thanks for doing such a great job.
St. Augustine, Florida


snail mail Click here for Testimonial Snail Mail.

Thanks for all the info.

Can you change the chapter 1960s so these are the first slides: 051, 033, 053, 006, 013, 014. The rest can all just stay in the same order. Let me know if there is a charge for this change.

Can you also add 2 more disks to the order, for a total of 7.

With those changes, we are ready to print the disks.

I'll send the check on Monday, and email you a copy of the check, so you know it's coming.

Thanks again for helping to restore some awesome family memories.

Many thanks,
Elmhurst, Ilinois

The disks arrived today.


They look great! The quality of the work is great. That is a lot of pictures, we have been watching for two hours and only gone thru 2 cds. What a great format for family pictures.

Do you develop film and put it in that format on a cd from the beginning?? If so can you give me pricing for 24 and 36?? I really like the format.

We will send a check for the balance per your bill tomorrow.

In any case, great work and thanks for a job well done.

John, Houston, TX

Wonderful! Exactly what I wanted, only better!

Al, West Virginia

I received the CD. It works in all the CD/DVD players I have tried it on. Pictures look great. I will send a check for the balance.
Thanks, Steve

Received the Approval disks on Saturday and have enjoyed looking at them! Thank you, they are much better than I had hoped. My 81 year old mother is thrilled.

Thank you so much, I'm glad we did this and found you!!!!



Just a short note to say the slides and CD arrived today. They look fine.

It is a pleasure to do business with you. Every time you have said you would do something on a given time table, you have done so. Wish all business dealings were as smooth.

I will be back late June with 800-1000 slides. You already have me on the schedule for July.


We have received the approval disks and have run them on our DVD player and through our computer. All the slides have been just wonderful and we have taken a trip down memory lane. You and your staff did a super job for us and we couldn't be more pleased. I have enclosed a check for the balance due as indicated in your letter. We look forward to receipt of the disk copies and the thumbnail printouts. Thanks much for your professional product and it has been a real pleasure dealing with you. Sincerely,

Philip T.

Thank you for the nice job on the Howard Collection slides. I'm sorry it was a lot of work for you -- I am new to digital images and only saw the slides in a hand viewer, so I didn't know there was a problem. These are all the slides we have, so the job is done. At least your work was for a good cause. Thank you,

Carolyn B.

I received my demo today and like your work very much. I have 920 slides to be converted. There are 5 Kodak carousels and the remainder in rubber bands. Please work me into your schedule. Thanks,


You did a wonderful work on my 35mm slides converting to CDs. I am really enjoying to see every photo on my TV and on my computer. It brings so many memories back. I want to thank you again and wishing you all the best in your business. I am sure I will recommend your business to friends and people I know. Sincerely.


I am very pleased with the 800 slides you converted. As I indicated, there would be another batch. I am not ready to send them in yet, but I need to know what kind of a backlog you have. I am putting together a book and there are a number of slides that I want to convert to use in the book and I need to get a feel for timing.


Thank you very much for your wonderful Job you did from my 4,900 35mm slides. Wishing you all the best in your business. My best regards,

Nick S.

All was fine. Please let me know what I owe you and the address, as my wife sent the form back. You can contact me at this e-mail address if you have any questions. I have more photos to send in the near future.........

A happy customer..


Thank you so much. We have enjoyed looking at the pictures. Hope you had a great holiday!

The Olson's

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing many lost years of family slides back to life. I am extremely pleased and excited about the presentation you provided of the 300+ slides that I sent to you.

Needless to say, I was very hesitant to send family "history" away not knowing what I would receive in return, if they were even returned. The correspondence with you was very satisfying and bolstered my confidence indicating to me I had done the right thing. Well, I had!! What a complete surprise and joy to see the magic you performed with them (even the ones I thought to be unusable), although you claim to not be "magicians" I chose to disagree. Not only will I tell my friends and family of your wonderful service, I will search through all my other photo's in hopes of having enough for another CD to be made.

Happy New Year from Arizona to Wisconsin.


Thank you so much for the great job on the photos. My family will be very touched by these on Christmas. I’ve instructed my parents and my brother to each send you a Money Order, Bank Check or Certified Check for the balance of the order. They should be able to mail those this week. Thanks again for your expediting this and we will be telling all our friends about your business. Happy Holidays…

Thanks so much for the wonderful job that you did, and for getting it all done in time for Christmas! I have passed your website on to several people at work and have told them what a great job you did. I'll mail the check today (need to go to the bank for your bank check). Happy holidays to you!


The scans look great! Again, I really appreciate your fine work. I look forward to doing business with you and your company in the future.

I have torn up the $8.00 refund check (your check #1018 from invoice #548) sent with the returned slides and disks. Please keep this as a small token of my gratitude.


We are absolutely thrilled with the slide show you created for Wendy! It was just as I had hoped for - a magical experience. You made my old slides come alive! And my daughter told me it was the best gift she had ever received!! The package arrived on Friday so we had it in time for her 30th birthday party  the following day! I am thoroughly impressed with your service and concern, Ed. Thank you very much for your follow up with FedEx. Thoroughly pleased and grateful,


Many thanks for your fine work. Feel free to hold the 35mm until the check clears. I just cannot get to the bank lately. All the best,

B.P.  Rear Admiral (retired)

I received the converted slides and am very pleased with the results of your work. Thank you.

You can mail me the duplicate disks and the slides by regular mail. I do not think any insurance is necessary at this time, since even a total loss would not cause much of a damage, thanks to your work.

Please let me know whether the amount I sent you covers all expenses or whether additional money is due.

Thank you again for your courteous and efficient handling of my order.


The conversion you did was simply fantastic. See the testimony (follows) from one of my children regarding the 30-40 year old slides you did for me.
Thanks so much.
Best regards, John


Hi Pop –
Wow, Maggie and I just got done looking at all the photos. Thanks a million for getting that done. The service really did an outstanding job. The pictures are very clear and it is great to know that they won’t deteriorate ever. There are a bunch of good photos, many suitable for printing!

Love A.

I took a bunch of the extra cd's you created to test to my mothers and they all work on her $50 DVD (but not on my Sony). I saw for the first time the great menu that was created.

Guess I need to get a new DVD.


Ok, I have to tell you that whoever did your website is an absolute genius! I have never seen a more user friendly and informative website before. I'm interested in having some scanning of pictures and slides done and I'm sold on your company. Your site answered all of my questions and more. I just wanted to tell you "great job".


Job well done. I'm so happy with the quality, customer service, turn around time and price to convert my 35mm slides to digital. I would recommend to all my friends and family.

Ed, you provided excellent service and again Thanks.
Patricia, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Old-Photo, We are all absolutely thrilled with the DVD slideshow you created for us! My daughter says this is the best gift she has ever received! You helped me produce the perfect gift for her 30th birthday! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many complimentary remarks were heard in addition to the overall excellent quality! I am determined now to organize the rest of our family photo slides so that we can preserve all our special memories. It may take me awhile because I am moving next month; however, you will definitely be receiving more work from me in the future! Payment in full has been mailed to you today, Ed. Your business values, promptness, personal concern, and follow-up regarding delivery are all very much appreciated! With heartfelt thanks,

Cindy, New London, CT


Got the Discs yesterday. They look very good. Thanks. You can ship back the slides.
Best regards,
Gary S., Cornelius, North Carolina

Recently, I had the privilege of doing business with Old-Photo. I needed pictures to be scanned onto a disk so that I could provide a slide presentation for my father's retirement party. My time was running out, and I was getting frustrated with the rates that I was receiving from local businesses.

After doing some investigative work, I came across Old-Photo on the internet. I called and spoke to an individual named Ed. He took the time to answer all of my questions and the rate seemed very fair. I decided to take a chance and hire Old-Photo.

I cannot emphasize how happy I am with the job that they did. The communication was excellent and the job was well done. All of my pictures were returned ( overnight) safe and sound. I can tell that Old-Photo went above and beyond for me and I really appreciate that. The party is going to be great and I have to thank Old-Photo for all of their time, advice, and help.

For anyone looking to get pictures scanned, look no further. Contact someone at Old-Photo. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again,
Rick ( from Philadelphia)

What can I say? Fantastic job. I mailed the check this morning and you should have it by Thurs or Friday at the latest. Please contact me once you receive it. I am more then pleased with the job that you did. All of the pictures turned out great. We really had great communication. I will definitely put a positive comment on your website and hope many other individuals use your service. They will NOT be disappointed.

Once again thank you for a job well done. The party is going to be great. I can't wait to see everyone's reaction. It was very easy doing business with you Ed and I will HIGHLY recommend your services to anyone who may need them in the future.

Rick, Drexel Hill, PA

Disk received and I am delighted considering what you had to work with. Excellent job. Thanks Send me bill by e-mail and I will send you a money order Plus we found more slides I will send you next time To also put on disk. Question do you put 8 mm film on DVD?

Steven, Bowling Green, KY

After the passing of my mother-in-law (90 years of age) we sent photo's that span across her life, from old black and white's to recent color pictures to Old Photo. Within a few days after the funeral we received the disk in the mail. We can't thank you enough for the timeliness, quality and care you put into making this a special cd for our family. It will be a long lasting treasure of the mother we loved.

R & D from Wisconsin

Affordable 35mm Slide Scanning Co.,
I was lerry of sending my 35mm slide and photo collection to your company. When you said that we didn't have to pay in full until we were happy with the results, that made us feel better about you. We have not been disappointed. We have a large screen tv and the pictures are so beautiful. Even our little tiny pictures are big and clear. We used the UPS like you said and we could track our package both ways by checking on the ups site. That made us feel good.
Thanks so much for your service.
Jeri P.
Tatum, Texas

Incredible. I got the disk you made for me. I was all choked up by the end - I don't think I'd seen most of those pictures before. I didn't realize there were so many - that is quite a show!!! BEAUTIFUL work. I can understand how challenging some of them must have been, with darkness and color, etc. You sure made everything look great- one wouldn't know that some started out not looking so good because you have everything looking so nice!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the work you obviously put into it - question: can I get some extra copies? We have a major family get-together coming up with some people coming in from New York, etc. I know that if I bring it along and can successfully set it up, my sisters and Aunts and Uncles will want one.

Such a beautiful slide show - MAN. I'm getting choked up again now.

Fred from Waukesha Wisconsin


We received the disk and are delighted with the results. The check is in the mail.

Thank you again.

Middlesex, New Jersey

I've checked the CD (probably more than necessary) and it's okay to return the slides to me. Don't think I owe more but let me know if I do.

This is really a great service. Keep up the good work!

Memphis, Tennessee

Received photographs and DVD. Excellent work. Can't say enough about how satisfied we are. Will recommend you in a heart beat. Thanks.
North Cape May, NJ

I just viewed the scans. They look fabulous! Thank you for the fast, efficient and quality work.   I look forward to doing additional business with you in the future.  

We also have some customers that loved our service so much that they have volunteered to allow us to give you their telephone number to call them. Please call us for their numbers. We will not give out personal information unless permission has been given. 1-800-844-1393



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