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Sharon V.

Staten Island, NY

Affordable Scanning was pleasure to deal with and have process our slides. A very good job. We didn’t really have a clue if our slides were still in decent shape. Our pictures came out better than expected. Especially since the slides are 45 years old. They processed and sent our photos back quickly. Glad we found this company. Great experience.
Zip Code: 10314

Jeff A.

I am so pleased and impressed with Affordable Scanning! I would recommend them to others. I had a job done in 2013 and misplaced my copies. I contacted Ed last week and he had saved the job and reprocessed it and shipped it for me this week. This was so meaningful to me as I am sending the job down to my father who has early onset dementia and seeing old memories is very comforting to him. I am very grateful,
Zip Code: 61014
Submitted: 01/03/2022
Review ID: 182238


What a pleasure to do business with this company. My slides to photos are beautiful and Ed is very understanding and pleasant. I will definitely use Affordable Scanning again and recommend them to all my friends. If I could, I would give them 10 stars.
Zip Code: 08833
Submitted: 12/01/2021
Review ID: 179935


To Affordable Scanning. My family of six immigrated in 1956 from The Netherlands. Thankfully my Dad bought a View-Master camera to take pictures of the family. During this time period of 65 years, my parents and my two sisters passed. The small pictures gathered dust and many were in disarray in the View-Master containers. . I have been looking for a picture developer to copy the pictures and make 4 by 6 inch prints. I found Affordable Scanning on the Internet. I received the 4 by 6 inch prints and they are absolutely amazing. I am very happy the way the prints look. I like to thank the people at Affordable Scanning for their excellent work and for bringing back many happy memories.


I am a very happy customer using Affordable Scanning. Having used their services a few times, the quality and turn around time is impeccable, professional and skill sets are very high on my scale range. They handle each photo like their very own and give outstanding customer service. I would highly recommend this company and their services to handle any and all photos needs. A Very Satisfied Customer: C Decker

Gale J.
Just what I wanted. Very impressed the way they printed great pictures from 55+ year old slides. Speedy, too. Sent November 9 received November 21.

Sent several orders of various requests (slides & prints) and all were completed with excellent results. Highly recommended.

I am trying to make this concise. These people were very forthcoming in answering my questions before hand. I had them digitizze nearly 500 35mm slides. Their instructions are very explicit and make the packaging of our slides clear. They even were so honest that they said I over estimated my slide count and therefore overpaid. They asked for a check for LESS money!. I would have never known. We just asked them to make a doonation to their local food bank The digitized slides are nice. They are not, and cannot be, as clear as they looked through a projector, but the editing and quality is very good. Their timline and communication were very good. I am sorry this took so long to write

Brian S.
Affordable Scanning is without a doubt the most reliable scanning service I have ever known! They scan at the highest resolution of any companies that I have checked on, including the big box stores. I have been a repeat customer and they always deliver an exceptional product within the promised time frame and keep me informed of their progress along the way. The owner ( Ed) and his associates provide excellent customer service and go the "extra mile" to accommodate the different needs of the customers. Their website has the most detailed instructions and examples for customers to follow on how to correctly submit the products I have ever seen. I have used them mostly for scanning 35mm slides as well as VHS movies to DVD and I would not even consider using any other scanning service. Any time I've called them by phone or emailed them with a question, I get an immediate answer without delay. In today's world of impersonal contacts and mass production, it is a real joy to be able to work with a business that really cares for the customer and ensures that the end result will reflect the meticulous detail that is required for this type of work.

Jane C.
Our slides of treasured family memories were beautifully digitized by Affordable Scanning. Staff was very helpful in advising on how to safely ship the originals and the turnaround time exceeded my expectations. Many thanks for a job well done!

Sandy M.


I had short notice for a presentation that had been cancelled and was back on "virtually." I needed historic images on slides digitized quickly. I sent them to Affordable Scanning on a rush order and they arrived on a flash drive well ahead of schedule. They did a high quality professional job at an affordable price and I am delighted with the results. I would highly recommend them. Sandy *.

Thomas M.


On his motorcycle, my brother was flanked by the back of a van on his right and a Rambler Ambassador on his left. They cropped out both vehicles and centered on my brother and his bike. It was as if they knew what I was most interested in, my brother on his bike. My slide of Paul and his bike with the Twin Towers in the background was taken in 1978. My 10x 8 photo look's like it was taken yesterday.



I took my 700ish 35mm slides to be converted to digital disk after the two biggest/best known camera shops in Milwaukee totally screwed them up. Literally, I did not get through 50 slides in those first two cases without yelling at the TV. They printed them upside down, sideways, you name it, they did it wrong. Then, I found AFFORDABLE SCANNING. They made one mistake in 700 (it was inconsequential, and they would have fixed it happily if I had asked). Good quality, good price, friendly and timely service. I will never go anywhere else. They saved my (photographic) life!

Susan C.
I sent my mother's old slides to Affordable Scanning to have them digitized. They were a format I wasn't certain of but believed they were 127 slides. It turned out that they were 120 slides, but Affordable Scanning was able to scan and digitize them as well. The quality of the images are excellent and the promptness of service is outstanding. I recommend Affordable Scanning to everyone!

John G.
I don't say this very often... In fact, I can't recall stating this in recent years, but dealing with this company has been such a refreshing experience. Communication was unparalleled throughout the process, upstaged only by the unexpected turnaround time, followed by nothing less than exemplary quality of results.

When the job was completed so quickly, I fully expected to report that all-to-familiar ground located somewhere between disappointed and upset. To the contrary, I was at a loss for words.

If more companies did business like this, none of us would have anything to complain about!

Sam L.
We sent some very old 2 ¾ inch family slides off to Affordable Scanning. These slides were of our passed Grandparents and family from a Vacation trip to Wildwood Beach NJ in the late 50’s. These were lost but now found in their attic along with other family historical artifacts. So you can imagine the angst we had in parting and sending these anywhere out of our possession.

Luckily, we found Affordable Scanning who did a magnificent job in taking these old grimy, scratched slides and created some beautiful high definition JPG files. They understand the value of great work and the handling of personal and family memories. Their handling and support was exceptional so I wanted to take time and tell the world of our great experience so all feel comfortable in using them yourselves.

Family memories are so precious, they shouldn’t be left in the hands of amateurs and/or mass production entities…


Stephen K
I have been a filmmaker for over 40 years . Working with National Geographic and Hollywood studios...

Live in a remote section of Alaska and commenced a book project for distribution worldwide.

In research, we discovered some priceless slides of wildlife that could be never be found anywhere else.

I contacted Affordable Scanning and the manager was incredibly helpful and accommodating. Treated me like a neighbor .

Not only did they assist with the complicated shipping procedure from Bush Alaska, but they scanned, corrected and transferred the slides WAY ahead of when I expected the job to be done !

I reviewed the work online with the link provided .Wow.The shots are fantastic. Color, sharpness , etc.

Will call on them again without question and pass along Affordable Scanning to my associates.

W M.
Getting my slides digitized is great, but what made this process exceptional is the thoughtful, clear and comprehensive instructions. It really inspired confidence for the best possible results for my old and faded slides. 4000 dpi is a huge plus. I am sincerely so pleased and happy with Affordable’s help in preserving a few glimpses of my past.

Lisa T
I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Affordable Scanning. I discovered them several years ago when I was searching for a way to preserve my family's memories captured on slides. I was a little hesitant sending my slides to Wisconsin from Maryland, but I have had no problems at all. Since that first order I have sent them hundreds of slides to preserve. All my orders were processed in a very quick timeframe, usually receiving my preview within a week of sending my order. Any problems encountered were quickly resolved. Emails received and sent have aways received a quick response.

I would definitely recommend Affordable Scanning to preserve your memories. - Lisa T

Pam S
Received my order from them, absolutely awesome. Very courteous and helpful. The service was fantastic and very quick.

Would highly recommended this company to all whom have slides that need to be put on disk, and or photos printed out.

Give thme a FIVE Star rating.

Noreen S
I highly recommend them for wonderful service and speedy processing. I found some old slides and searched for quite some time for a company that would convert to prints and not just DVD.

This company came through with perfect pics much better than I expected from over 40 year slides along with a free DVD. Can't beat their pricing or kindness.


Carol M

I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with my View Master reel. The reel was over 50 years old. You did a fantastic job with transferring onto the disc. The photos on the disc are beautiful and the prints I had made turned out great! Thank you again, your work is amazing.

Carol M*****













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