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A Gift Certificate For Slide And Photo Scanning
Click here for Gift Certificate Order Form.

What a great gift for a Special Day!

Whether the occasion is Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, Wedding, Christmas or some other special day, give the gift of Peace of Mind when your loved ones will know that their photos are preserved for future generations. Sometimes people just will not do what they really want to do. The gift certificate will give the incentive to someone you love so that they will get all those old photos and 35mm slides scanned and digitized into a beautiful slide show. Giving a gift certificate is better than giving money because, lots of timse, the money will be spent on everyday things rather than on the intended gift.

Gift Certificates can be for any amount you desire.

If you know someone that wants to preserve their family photo history and you would like to help them get started, this is the way to do it. We can email you a PDF file of the personalized certificate so that you can print it out and include it with your Gift Card. Gift certificate must be presented with the job order form within six months from the date of issue. Click here for Gift Certificate Order Form.

If you want to give Mom or Dad the incentive to get those slides and photos digitized, then a gift certificate is the perfect solution. When we are done digitizing their slides and photos, if they requested our Free Slide Show Disks, the slide show disks can be copied and all the children can have their own copy of the family memories. The same can also be done with our Flash Drives and most new TVs. Put the flash drive with the images into a USB port on your TV and most TVs can play a slide show from just the .JPG image on the drive.

Gift certificates are the perfect solution when you just can't seem to find the right gift or you've waited until the last minute.

Your loved ones are going to be so happy to see their slides and photos preserved for posterity.

Click here for Gift Certificate Order Form.

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