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Editing On Every Scan. Still 39¢ most slides.
We also can make PRINTS from your Slides.

We Can Organize Your Slide And Photo Collection For You!

We realize that you may have so many slides and photos that the thought of having to organize them all is just a little bit undaunting. Getting them all facing in the correct direction and all stacked and oriented correctly may be just a little more than you want to tackle. Rather than putting this task off and never getting around to it, we can take that job off your hand for a minimal fee.

Once we organize them, we will scan them, have our expert Photoshop techs enhance the images and then we will make you a DVD slide show. Naturally, since we don't know in what order all these slides and photos should be in, your slide show will be in more of a collage mode rather than being strictly in date order. This might not be the ideal but you have your slides and photos scanned and enhanced and preserved for posterity.

If you want to go one step further in this process, we can send you a data disk with your images on it. You can copy the disk to your hard drive.Then you can do your sorting of the images on your hard drive by putting the images into folders that are named with dates or named with events or whatever. You can write a new disk with these images on it and send it to us. We will then create your now organized DVD slide show for you and send it back to you. No extra charge.


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