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Polaroid Picture Scanning


We can scan your Polaroid pictures just the same as any other pictures. Although they are generally bigger than normal prints because they have a large border on the prints, we do not charge extra for them. They can be mixed in with your other prints. They will be scanned at 600 ppi. This is generally twice the resolution that is normally needed. This will allow for making prints at larger than full size.

(Please Note that we do not sell the Polaroid Film.)


Polaroid Corporation Dropping Production Of Film

February 9th, 2008
Polaroid Corporation has announced that it is dropping production of its instant film. Polaroid is closing factories in Massachusetts, The Netherlands and Mexico. It will be cutting 450 jobs. Polaroid, at one time, employed nearly 21,000 people at its peak of popularity in 1978. The current job cuts will leave Polaroid with 150 employees at its Concord, Massachusetts headquarters.

Polaroid stopped manufacturing its instant cameras over the last two years. Film for the Polaroid cameras will be available in stores through next year. After that, Fujifilm will be the only major manufacturer of instant film. None of Polaroid's two dozen auto-developing products will be produced after 2008. Depending on the type of film, you can expect to find it on store shelves until the 1st quarter of 2009, but most of its films will be gone well before then. Don't think that stocking up on this film because it will all expire before the end of 2009, after which it will begin to degrade considerably. Stock up too much and you can end up with a lot of blank film.



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