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Scrapbooking 35mm Slides

Creating a Scrapbook is a good way to preserve your family history but you will not be able to do a complete job unless you get those 35mm slides scanned and digitized and into your scrapbook.


Your 35mm slides that you have stacked up in closets and on shelves have to be digitized and prints made. We offer affordable transfer of 35mm slides, negatives, 3D stereo slides and medium format film to digital files you can get printed or Affordable Slide Scanning can make prints for you.

Many people have become addicted to the Scrapbooking. The desire to work on your Scrapbook is a great hobby that involves a lot of time and effort to preserve family memories.

Scrapbooks are generally made up of pages of an album made really fancy by cutting the photos with special scissors to make special edges on the photos. There are many businesses that make products specifically for creating a scrapbook. People used to have Tupperware parties but now scrapbook parties are becoming more and more popular. Scrapbook supplies are also sold by craft stores.

Special archival-quality or conservation-quality papers are should to be used in the scrapbook so as to make sure that the paper that the photos are attached to does not cause the photos to deteriorate. For the dedicated scrapbook hobbyist, acid free is not good enough. Permanent paper is encouraged in scrapbooks. In order to be considered permanent, the paper must have a pH level of 7.5 or greater. It must be free of chemical impurities and, optimally, contain cotton or other rag fibers. It must contain an alkaline buffer of calcium carbonate or some other alkaline. And, it must be resistant to tears and folding.

Special permanent inks are encouraged to be used and stickers with witty sayings on them are sold so that they can be stuck onto the photos or next to them.

So, how do you get that 35mm slide collection into a scrapbook? Send them to us and we will scan them and put them on a CD disk that you can take to a local digital printer, such as Walgreen's or K-mart or One Hour Photo. They will pull the digital images off the disk and make the prints for you. We an also make your digital images into photo prints. Our prices are very reasonable and you will be able to make your scrapbooks from the presently inaccessible 35mm slides, negatives, 3D Stereo slides. After scanning, we can make prints from your slides for 54 cents each plus shipping. Prices change but our quality work does not. Check the order forms for current pricing.



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