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Do You Really Get A "FREE" Shipping Box From Our competition?

Do You Really Get A "FREE" Shipping Box From Our competition?

No. The box is not free. You are paying for it. What is wrong with that? They make it look like they are giving you something for free but they are really taking away your ownership of your legacy slides and photos as the box goes through it's shipping process.

How does that happen?
When you accept that "free" box, with the pre-printed label on it, it has THEIR return address on it. You have given ownership of that box and it's contents to some other entity. It is no longer yours.

If it is lost in shipment, you can't even trace the shipment because you are not the one who shipped it. UPS or FedEx or USPS will not even talk to you. You have to rely on the entity that printed out that label to care enough to put in the effort to try to find it. They are not going to want to find that box as much as you are. But, your hands will be tied.

And so, you are not getting a Free storage box. You are paying for it with higher prices. And, it is not a "special" box. It is just a cardboard box.

You are not getting Free shipping. You are paying for it with higher prices.

You are losing ownership, at least temporarily, of your legacy slides, photos or movies when your rely on someone else to print out that shipping label for you.

Is that what you really want?

Where you send your slides does make a difference. Don't make a big mistake.
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