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Thumbnail Catalog

We can make Thumbnail Catalog printouts for all of the images on your slide show disk.
The catalog is a handy resource if you ever want to track down an image on your disk so you can get it printed out or you want to send it to someone.

Thumbnail Catalogs have 30 images per sheet and are $1 per sheet.


Thumbnail sheets are not going to include any text frames UNLESS you specifically REQUEST that the text frames be INCLUDED and you will then be charged for the text frames included (We just don't see it as a priority for you to want your text frame printed since you are not going to want to "find" them in the future.), OR they will be included because we forgot to delete them and you were not charged for them anyhow so don't complain about them possibly being all at the front of the thumbnails or intermixed. These thumbnails are to help you find your images and NOT to be a direct representation of every image on the disks AND they are not meant to anticipate some kind of printout or order that you EXPECTED. That being stated, the images will be sorted according to FILE Names and not by FOLDERS. The printout of the images will flow from one file name to another in alphabetical order without respect for ANY Folders and will be on Sequential pages. There will be no division between Folders except that the file names will indicate the folders that they will be found in.

The example below is what a Thumbnail Catalog Sheet would look like.
(The size is reduced to fit on this page. This would be a FULL 8.5"x11" page.) The thumbnails are offset so that you will have a larger margin on the left side for punching for a notebook.

thumbnail catalong printouts


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