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We also can make PRINTS from your Slides.

Use 2x2" boxes such as aluminum foil, waxed paper boxes

Use 2x2" boxes such as aluminum foil, waxed paper boxes. These work really good for organizing your slides. Put your slides into stacks according to the "chapters" or folders that they will go into. Number your stacks starting with #1 and going on from there. No stacks less than 20 slides in any more than 2 stacks for your whole project. We are charging for scanning here and not slide organization. We need you to not slow our process down so that we can keep our too low pricing. If you want more than one stack in one folder than number your folders with an a, b, c, etc. extention 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d and so on. We will know you want all the slides in folder number one.


To see the VIDEO CONTROLS, move your cusor over the movie.

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