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3D Stereo Slides Canons at St. Augustine Converted To 3D Digital
Sorry, but we no longer convert 3d stereo slides to digital 3D.

We can convert your 3d Stereo Slides to a digital image that you can view with the Red/Blue 3d Glasses. Because of all the work involved, current pricing for conversion of each slide is $10 (Subject to change.Current pricing on the 3D Stereo Slides to "3D Digital" Order Form will apply.) Your digital stereo image will be in the following format : Anaglyph - Red/Cyan Color (Works with Red/Blue glasses) The images will view best in 3d on your computer monitor or as a print.

3d slide cannons

3d cannos
3d volkswagen
3d tree
3d greenhouse
3d greenhouse outside
3d geese


Please NOTE: We are sorry but, we will NOT scan both sides of the slide. This is not in our workflow and we cannot change our workflow. Please don't ask. The answer is no. Sorry.


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