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We also can make PRINTS from your Slides.

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We do NOT send your heirlooms to INDIA!

HERE IS A RIDDLE Why would a person that cares enough about preserving their heirloom photos to get them digitized, send them to the other side of the world just to save a few dollars?

THE ANSWER IS: They don't know that it is happening. They think they are dealing with a USA company. They think that it really doesn't matter who scans their slides because they will all come out the same way and it is just a matter of price.

Be aware that some companies will ship your slides and photos overseas and not tell you about that small fact up front.

If you have to sign up for an "account" at one company, your family heirlooms are almost certainly going 8,700 miles from their "US office" to INDIA.

When you sign up for the "account" this unimportant information is in the "fine print" that nobody reads.

(They don't want you to KNOW what they are doing because most people would not knowingly agree to sending their photo collection to another country close to 9,000 miles away no matter how much money they save. If the price is unbelievably low, your photo collection is probably going to India. )

Not at Affordable Scanning!

Your slides and photos will NOT leave our possession. We have the best overall scanning and service combined price of all USA companies.

Q. I find your pricing pages too hard to understand. It looks like your service price to scan 35 mm slides is $0.39 each regardless of the number. Is that correct? It seems expensive compared to your competition.

A. You figured it out just fine. That is our current price. In fact, we are seriously thinking of raising our prices. We haven't raised them since 2004. Use whichever business you think is going to do the best job for you; it doesn't bother us. If we can't make a small profit, we don't care what our competition charges. The more money they lose, the sooner they will no longer be around. You should just hope they don't go out of business when they are supposed to be working your job. (That does not count the companies that send your slides to India to take advantage of the cheap labor there. We can't compete with third-world, sweatshop labor but most USA customers will not send to India as long as they know that is what is happening. The trouble is, the companies that do this don't tell you they are doing it.)
And, once we get your project, you will never have to worry about losing your slides again because we keep backup copies of all your images, indefinitely as long as we have good backup hard drives.
Good luck.

Do you really want to send your slides to India?

Is it any wonder that they can charge virutally nothing for scanning your slides and still make a profit?

India Today:

While the Indian government hails the country as a modern economic powerhouse, many statistics tell a different story:

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