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We also can make PRINTS from your Slides.

Shipping Your Slides And Photos To Us

Basically, you can use whatever shipping carrier that you want to send your slides, films and paper photos to us. Since shipping costs are determined mainly by weight, we would advise you to use a little bit bigger box rather than a smaller one. (We have never had anything lost either shipping to us or from us but it doesn't hurt to be careful.) Our reasoning would be that it is easier for delivery personnel to keep track of larger boxes as opposed to smaller boxes or envelopes. We think you should try USPS Priority Mail. They have free boxes and many different sizes. They will also pickup at your door, if you ask them to. Right now, you can ship a one pound package to anywhere in the USA for about $9.60 or less.

Shipping From Us Back To You

Since we do not know what kind of container you will be sending your slides to us it, it is difficult for us to give you a flat rate fee for return shipping. Plus, we don't know what carrier you want us to use. We try to accommodate you with the carrier of your choice, plus you can choose the type of service such as ground or three day or overnight. You can figure that, whatever it cost you to send to us is what we will be charging you to ship back to you. We are not going to be trying to make extra money on your return shipping costs.

Do We Provide Free Shipping Boxes?

Nothing is free and you lose complete control of your property when you use a box and label provided by someone other than yourself. Click here for info on Free Shipping Boxes

Many Customers Don't Want Their Slides Back

Many of our customers tell us not to add return shipping costs until they get their disks and then they tell us to just dispose of their slides. Since the slides are going to fade away to nothing eventually, why hold on to them once they are digitized? Its your call though, not ours.

Customers: Our Best Salespeople

Our customers are our best sales people and we want you to be telling your friends and relatives how good our service is and how you were treated fairly and got more quality and personal service than you would have expected.



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